Kirk Fraser's
Robot Software

Software's first requirement is to define a clear goal. To aproach universal retirement, we may start with a "I Robot movie" NS 4 like robot having a safe 3 laws operating system (3OS) that will make sure people cannot tell the robot to harm humans. To make it not harm humans by inaction a great deal of intelligence must be in the 3OS to observe humans, tell when they are in danger, and work efficiently to minimize human damage. We also need it to pass a college entrance exam and get Ph.D.'s plus work experience in useful fields.

Neural Nets and IBM's Watson answer Jeopardy questions but it can't do Bible analysis like humans do. This begs for a Bible analyst software project. The Bible is only 4.5MB of text but it can be the perfect operating system for humans. Since Nerual Nets are proven to have only surface level knowledge, Expert Systems are required and to do real thinking, the expert system must read and learn.

When sufficient expertese is learned, the usual coding system will be closed to minimize hacking, and people will be able to speak useful commands.

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