Kirk Fraser's
Robot Project

This robot is a hydraulic humanoid having human size, strength, and hands - with human like intelligence in the works. It is designed for 50lbs grip strength and 250lbs load, sufficent for farm work. An off-grid power system is also being developed for low head water and wind charging of robot batteries in underdeveloped areas.

With my Artifical Intelligence and full deployment, this robot is potentially able to stop world hunger, poverty, illiteracy, crime, terroism, and war by growing food, educating, and entertaining people from cradle to Ph.D. in the same language and religion in home, eliminating the need for most of the economy and work by humans, enabling freedom for pursuits only retirement currently makes possible.

Funded by bootstrap or grants I'll hire experts needed to make a robot to give every owner nearly complete self-sufficiency, thus greatly increasing survivability in case of the Rev. 8:8-12 asteroid in 2020, Rev. 16:18-19 eartquake in 2028, or other natural and unnatural disasters.

More than half of the hardware is on hand. Currently working on electronics and firmware to drive valves. Exciting developments in 12Bit rotary position sensors and locating a touch sensor which together can approximate human hand performance. Proximity and touch sensors will maximize human safety by compliance with spontaneous human presence and activities.

The Artificial Intelligence development strategy will be released after deployment but here are links to articles and videos on state of the art research.

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Make sure my robot works before deployment.
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Discussion in an online forum where you can post your ideas or questions

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