Help Robot

Sample Conversations

You say: "Help"
Robot says: "How may I be of assistance?"
You say: "Clean up in and around the home."
Robot says: "Working on cleaning house then yard."

You say: "Help. I've fallen and can't get up."
Robot says: "I will lift you up, and carry you to the nearest chair."

You say: "Help, cook dinner for two."
Robot says: "Dinner coming right up!"

Working Rotary Actuator

Toyota Research Institute / Toryota AI Ventures / Innovators Application

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Please describe your company’s technology and business model in 1-2 sentences.

Technology is a battery powered hydraulic humanoid, capable of 250 lbs. lift per arm and hand. The rotary actuators are working prototypes, viewable below. Business model is currently sole proprietor but am willing to grow into a corporate model with stocks, a foundation, or a government agency as required.

Why are you applying for this call for innovation?

Money is needed to make more rotary actuators for the legs to complete a full robot prototype. Money can be used to work toward replacing some metal parts with plastic to reduce weight. Following Boston Dynamics example of moving to a custom power supply integrating motor, pump, oil tank and accumulator is desired. Hiring full-time employees to write sensor AI, robot control, and task suite is needed.

How is your team uniquely qualified to address the problem we’ve outlined in this call?

I have a robot design capable of domestic assistance in close cooperation with humans including lifting old or injured humans off the floor, bed, or seat and placing them in a self-driving vehicle, with new software. I have developed a new computer language to make task writing easier. I have a new patentable rotary actuator that can provide more speed and agility than DARPA Robotics Challenge robots. My robot is intended for world distribution to help people, not a mere academic exercise.

In what way(s) could your startup’s solution improve the quality of human life?

It could provide instant help for seniors who have fallen and can't get up. It can end world hunger, poverty, illiteracy, crime, terrorism, and war. It can reduce collateral damage by enabling people to stay home while the robot goes shopping by self-driving car, reduce dependency on infrastructure bottlenecks, and keeping storm protection and rapid reconstruction options available. It can raise children K-Ph.D. in home reducing bullying. It can run a business enabling owners to retire early. Some of these benefits will take time to develop.

An off-grid power system is also being developed for low head water and wind charging of robot batteries in underdeveloped areas.

Pitch Deck

Reliable Robots Pitch Deck

How did you hear about this call for innovation

Following Dr. Gill Pratt through and after the DARPA robotics challenges.

We will be announcing a series of in-person meetings with applicants in the following four U.S. cities. While it’s optional to attend, please let us know if you’re interested in events in any of these locations. Check all that apply.

SF Bay Area, CA

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